Doctor-Patient Link

Link with your patients and view their vital data, biometric data and medication. Encourage your patients to actively participate in managing their health, providing additional information and permitting more complete diagnosis.

prescription screen


View all the medication the patient has used, including medication perscribed by other doctors

  • Médico

  • Paciente

  • Outro médico

prescription screen


Follow up on the patient’s biometric data, which have been entered by you, by the patient or by another doctor, all displayed in graphical form.


As with biometric data, you can also closely monitor the evolution of the patient's vital data over time, without having to contact the patient to ask for updated measurements.


The medicines that you prescribe are automatically noted on the patient’s mylinkedcare application helping the patient comply with the indicated doses.

Scheduling of medical appointments.

When you are linked with the patient and an appointment is made, it will automatically appear on the patient’s agenda, without your having to do anything.

Impact for the patient

The patient sees on his mylinkedcare application, data which linked doctors have posted on his Electronic Health Record.