Electronic Prescriptions

Prescribe faster, with better information and without having to repeat steps

From the patient's medication

Prescribe directly from the patient's medication

prescription screen

Information on each drug

You have immediate and direct access to all the information about the drug, namely special pathologies, identification of equivalent medicines, therapeutic records, information leaflet and a summary of the characteristics of the medicine

prescription screen

Prescribe from the SOAP note

  • The medication that you prescribed will be automatically added to the SOAP
  • You can prescribe during the consultation without leaving the patient file
prescription screen

Alert for less costly alternative medicine

You will be automatically alerted to less expensive similar drugs, and can change the prescription with a single click.

The validation of the prescription doesn’t freeze up the application

You can continue to use the application while prescriptions are reported to SPMS. You will be notified when the prescription is validated

Renew past prescription

You can easily renew a prescription that you have already prescribed to a patient using all the same medicines or changing the ones you want.