Electronic Health Record

All the health information of your patients is easily and quickly accessible, in the same system.


Patient Summary

See the most important patient information on a single screen.

Patient Data

You need to fill out all the patient’s personal data only once, with the help of RNU.


See all pathologies, prioritized: the main ones already diagnosed, other identified pathologies as well as well as past ones

Input and access all the personal and family history of your patients,

Follow a timeline of the evolution of pathologies over the history of consultations,

Easily consult pathologies with various search words


Review the history of your consultations with each patient

See the details of each past consultation, including direct access to MCDT's, prescriptions given, actions undertaken, etc.

You can search and access content information on each consultation.


You can add to the list of medicines without having to prescribe them,

Have access to the history of prescriptions ​​for each patient,

You can search for a specific drug in the history of the patient's prescriptions,

You can renew an entire prescription without having to look for each medicine one by one


You have access to a record of all allergic episodes


Follow biometric data of patients, which are presented in graphically rich displays


Visualize the vital parameters of your patients and their evolution over time


You can prescribe clinical analyses

Analysis results/reports are attached to patient files

You can select the most relevant test results ​​of your patients

Build a list of your selected favorite analyses, which you have immediate access to

Compare the evolution of the most relevant analysis results for each of your patients


Prescribe examinations

Reports/results of examinations are automatically attached to the Electronic Health Record of your patients,


Have access to patient lifestyles through graphical visualization of key indicators


There is a single agenda for your entire medical practice

Select the period for which you want to view your agenda and organize your appointments.

Schedule on the agenda consultations in your office, video or at the patient’s home

You can quickly navigate through a summary of appointments scheduled at a date or over period of time

Keep your patients informed whenever you have made changes to scheduled appointments

Whenever a patient makes an appointment through mylinkedcare this is immediately noted on your agenda

Select the types of consultations available for appointments: in your office, video, or at the patient’s home

Physician Profile

By presenting your curriculum, you introduce yourself to patients who need your specialty.