Medical Agenda

View in a single schedule all your appointments from all of your offices

Assign a different color to each office

You can manage all your appointments in a single schedule. Each office can have a different color to give you a quick view of your appointments for the day, the week or the month.

Appointments by your patients

This feature lets your patients directly schedule video or in person appointments, for each office or medical specialty.

Management of scheduled appointments

Change any scheduled appointment whenever needed, without needing to create new appointments.

Quick navigation calendar

Select the day you want to view on the monthly calendar, for access to a summary of events and the types of scheduled appointments, as well as details of appointments that have been canceled.

Automatic patient alerts when any change is made to an appointment

You can automatically notify your patients by email of any changes made in their appointments.

View on the agenda appointments made by patients

Whenever a patient makes an appointment through the mylinkedcare account this is immediately noted on your calendar, which automatically updates all scheduled appointments for each office

Lets you note on the agenda available appointment slots for patients to directly fill in their appointments

  • Note on the agenda your available appointment slots for the periods of time you choose

  • Set the length of time during which you will give appointments at the selected location, with the flexibility to set longer ‘first appointments’

  • Choose the types of medical appointments available for a given slot of time: in person, video or home visit, as well as the corresponding medical specialty